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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Why do you work so hard?" Alexander asks walking on stage, the same place I have been rehearsing for hours. "do you think He will love you more when you make more money than him? because  I can garente he will never love you as much as  your family dose as my family dose as I do"  alexander turns his head to me  and wispers. "even when you sucssed he will not love you as much as I will"I hear a voice from back stage . Mike. My older brother  "If first you don't sucsed try agiain and you will be loved" another voice comes up from behind the curtain  . Brandon. A friend of many years " he dos not  love as much as we alll do "I hear a voice from back stage . Mike. My older brother  "If first you don't sucsed try agiain and you will be loved" another voice comes up from behind the curtain  . Brandon. A friend of many years " he dos not  love as much as we alll do" "All you wish for is to be loved  for love to find you "  Hunter my best friend says from the sound borad
ally_snowe2001: "I must be in love now now NOW " they all scream"  
    wake tears streaming down my face cool aginst my warm skin . Kellan lays beside me . Sleeping I think. Then an arm gose around my waist.  "sweet heart are you all right?" Kellan asks yeah I just need to walk around a little bit . " I say getting out of bed  then Turning around to ask" when did you get home?" "Around Two-Thirty half hour a go " Kellan says  "why didn't you wake me?" I ask "You know I like knowing your home ." "You were sleeping peacefully and I didn't want to wake you " He says "I like watching you sleep its some what  facinating " He wispers. And thats not wierd at all?" I say andLean down to kiss him  "so do I talk in my sleep?" I ask . "Not a lot just when your more stressed out than normal or when you have nightmares you curl up close to me and wisper my name . But It only makes me love you more"  Kellan replies leaning down to kiss my forehead . "I love you " he wispers into the darkness as I wrap my arms around his waist , to pull myself as close as possable. Streaching on my teos i kiss him. He lifts me off the floor onto the bed. We kiss till theres a knock on the door and Kellan pulls away and covers me in the blanket laying on the bed. I pretend to be asleep Kellan awnsers the door "come in he says and Alexander steps into our room
. "um am i intrupting something?" he asks
 "No just sleep nothing important. " Kellan says "Is something wrong?" He asks "Quite Eliana is still sleeping "
 "then perhaps we should go into the hall"  Alex says  
"Can't it wait till morning?" Kellan asks yawning. I roll over and groan.
"This is urgent Kellan she's in danger!" Alex says a little louder than he should have. I roll over and ask
"Whats going on Kellan? Is someone hurt?"
"I don't think so just go back to sleep " Kellan says and turns away
"Wait if it concerns you It concerns ME" I say and jump out of bed. "we promised not to keep things from each other like secrets that are important. Did we not?"
"She should know as well its about her! I can tell her now or you can tell her later." Alex says rushed. "decide or she'll" he continues pointing to me "will be in so much pain and suffering you will want to die!"
Theres a long  silence.
"I want her to hear it too" Kellan finally says

Posted by lulu996 at 10:27 AM EST
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Wednesday, 15 July 2009
1 After him
Topic: New story

Ding Dong

      The door bell rang I look up at the clock it reads 2:37 AM. Who the hell is at my door at 2:30 in the morning? I trow on my robeand fly down the stairs someone is now ponding on the door.

"Who is it ?" I yell 

"Sam" a husky voice i could never forget "let us in Jacob's in trobble"
I open the door to find the whole pack on my frount porch soked from head to toe the rain must have started a long time ago.This can't be good.

"Come in please" I say guestering tword my living room. It felt weird thinking my living room not the family room. "What happened? Is he going to be alright?" I say thinking of our son Quil asleep in the bedroom right above us.

"we don't know if he's alright or if he's going to bebut we do know he needs you. Bad" Jasper says very strait foward the way I like things to be sayed. But stops when we hear Quil crying from up stairs.

"Be right back"I say and sprint up the stairs, pick up Quil and start talking to him trying my best to comfort him. Rocking him back and forht in my arms i think of Jake. Was he hurt? Did he need me?

I carry Quil down stairs still screamming. 

"hey little one its uncle Sam why are you giveing your mommy a hard time hmmm?" Sam says playing with Quils tiny fingers.

"hes coliciy he only calms down for Jacob at night I don't know why but thats the way it is" i say fast. Sam was the best man at our wedding  and Jacobs best friend.

"wow he's getting big" Says Jasper.with a smile"hopefully he'll look like you and not Jake"

"I'd be okay if he looked like Jacob." I say our mairrage  was not doing well at the moment so it wasen't easy any more.

 The pack played with Quil for an hour or so then he frinally fell asleep in Mikes arms. the silence fell as Quil slept.

"weres Jacob? why dose he need me? Is he hurt or just playing games agian?" i say and brake the silence

Posted by lulu996 at 8:44 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 16 July 2009 3:25 PM EDT
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Saturday, 23 May 2009

                                          Chapter 1

       “Sweet Rose” Sedric calls to me from the stairs. “We’re going to be late” His voice serious this time. “I’m coming “manage to yell. From all this excitement and fear of the first day at a new school in a new town, was starting to ware on me. One last time he calls. “Rosemary Alice hurry your butt up or I’ll leave with out you!” as I run down the stairs yelling “I’m coming” a thousand times Sedric only laughs at me a slight giggle escapes my lips. He kisses my forehead and says “Why my sweet Rose you look stunning in that outfit” a smile starts to spread across my face before I can control it. “Are nervous about your first day?” his sweet voice asked as a frown turns my smile. “You will do fine” he promised. But I wasn’t quite sure of that my self. “You know I’ve never been good at making new friends.” I reminded him. Sedric and I have been friends for so long that even my brothers loved him. He was part of my family. Sedric has always called me sweet Rose I love that name.

       It was a long ride to school, but sedric and Eliott kept my mind off school. They were discussing the baseball team. Eliott

Was wondering if they needed any new batters at our new school. “What’s the team like? Have you heard anything good?” Elliot asks Sedric in a ruff voice. “No” sedric replies putting his arm around me.

Sedric and I have only been dating a month or so, but I know deep down that he is my first true love. I never wanted to lose him, I wouldn’t know what to do if I did.

       Now we are at school. Sedric and eliott and I go to the same school because eliott and I skiped two grades. Eliott and Sedric walked me to class and the teacher Mr. Myers introduced me. “this is Rosemary everyone.” His voice high picht and squeacky. He didn’t look old enough to been a teacher. The biolgy room was way different then the one in Dallas. The whole school was different.

       The teacter paired me with Samantha Green. Samantha seemed like a nice girl she didn’t talk much though. I had Russian next then world history then lunch. It started to feel like each lass was four hours insted of 90 minutes. At lunh I sat between Elliot and Sedric. sedric asked how my was going. I simply aswered "fine". Then he sudenly grabed my hand as a group of teenages walked to the table at the other end of the lunch room. He held my hand so tight i had to wisper in his ear "I'm not going anywere, i promise." Then he said to me "I know they just kreep me out thats all" then he kissed the top of my foehead. "Why do they creep you out? is there  somthing wrong with them?" I asked i n the sweets voice I had. No one ever creeped Sedric out never. The group only stared at us. Two boys and three girls. Sedric then turned to me and said "Sweet Rose those are the Bennett chlidren." His hand squesed mine once more "There all children of Dr. Nicolas Bennett the emt!"                                                          I renebered the name but couldn't place the face.

Posted by lulu996 at 4:45 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 7 June 2009 11:53 AM EDT
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Saturday, 25 April 2009
My Story Prolouge
Topic: My Story
Some hearts

    Family, what is family? why are familises so important?  family is important to some but  not to others.To Rosemary Alice  family was everything. Rosemary had two younger brothers and one twin brother that was 10 minutes older.Rosemary loved her brothers so much, Her father says it was because her mother dieed giving birth to a dead chid, Rosemary was only none at the time.Ronold and Ethan did not remember there mother because they were three and four almost five when she died.Rosemary was the clostest thing they had. Rosemary and her twin brother were very clost.                             Elliot was devistated with the death of his mother, his sister was a constant reminder of that day, Because she liked so much like there mother not to mencipn the way she  moved, talked ,walked, and cared for others.Elliot hated what his mothers death did to Rosemary and their father. Elliot promised his mother he would look after them. To  tell the truth Elliot loved his siblings more than life its self.     
    Rosemary and Sedric were best friends sice the birth of Elliot and Rosemary. The day Rosemary was born Sedrics father had taken him over to see if the new Hale children and mother were all right. You see Sedrie's mother was long gone ,she as Sedric's father siad now lived in the skys, Sedric did not rember her no matter how hard he tied. Sedric  was four the day he discribs as the best day of his life.
    Sedric was on his way to see the new Hale childern with his father. They were half way across the street when they haerd a boold-curtaling  scream from acorss the street. Sedric took off runig for fear that the only mother like figuer he would ever have was dieing. When he rteached the house there wasen't a moment of hezatation for Sedric he ran strait to Edward and Caroline's bed room . he found her lieing in bed mosion less till she heard that one of the children wasn't breathig she reached for her child. At that momet he kew she was alive ideed. No one notcied him at first but when he saw Elliot cuing he woundered if the other child was still breathing, so he asked Edward. "Yes she'll be fine we just have to be extra carefull with her" He replies with a smile. Sedric asked if he could help with anything and all Edward could think of was to hold beautifull Rosemary Alice.

Posted by lulu996 at 4:40 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 25 April 2009 4:57 PM EDT
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